Monday, April 13, 2015

From Cattle Rancher to Pole Star - Featured Client Katie Deering

It's funny to watch not only the physical transformation our clients make, but also the one within their soul.  As the physical body changes we start to see people's heads held higher, shoulders back, smiles on their faces and a glow about their eyes.  The confidence in their accomplishments with their physical self starts to increase the confidence in their spiritual well being.  We often say we are fitness Jedi, we use mind tactics to help you get to your goals.  The truth is we just care about each and everyone of you and make your goals as personal to us as they are to you.  We work painstakingly hard to create an environment that is supportive and honest, caring and real.  It's always inspiring to watch our clients embody our vision of our twisted little palace.  When Katie first came in to the studio she was a quiet little wall flower.  Today she is still quiet…..BUT FIERCE.  She's the first person to introduce herself to a new member, help them feel comfortable and explain that those first time butterflies will eventually turn into a roller coaster of excitement.  Have fun reading her story…..It's an awesome and inspiring one!  Thank you Katie for sharing your story.


My fitness journey has been a rather meandering one. When I was a kid, we lived on a cattle ranch and I was very active.  Everyday after school and during the long hot summers, I rode bikes, horses, and took long walks in the pastures. Then when I was twelve we moved into town and quite suddenly my life became much more sedentary. My parents, who were deeply paranoid about child abduction, wouldn't let my sister and I out of the house to bicycle or just walk up the block to the park. I tried playing basketball, but I was/am terrible at catching and I never really enjoyed the competition in team sports, so I ended up mostly just watching TV. 

When I graduated from high school and started college, the youthful metabolism that had kept me relatively fit looking started to slow down. The stress of college  and the availability of way too many delicious fried foods on campus exacerbated the problem. I realized I had to do something physical if I wanted to stay healthy and comfortable in my body. I started going to the gym on campus; but running on a treadmill or lifting weights was boring and I had a hard time forcing myself to make time to work out. So I tried belly dancing, jazzercise, and African dance, which were definitely more fun but weren't much of a work out. I stuck with the dancing for awhile, but as my schedule got more hectic nearing graduation, dancing went on the back burner. 

Grad school took the physical fitness problem I had developed to the next level. It is often said that being an academic is enjoying the life of the mind, and I absolutely did, but I also ignored my body. The bad habits I had developed in my undergraduate degree got worse. I ate whatever took the least time  and effort to prepare and I avoided exercise like the plague. I got engaged right after I graduated and the pressure of looking good in my wedding dress finally forced me to start exercising regularly again. I started running and doing some yoga and that in combination with eating healthier helped me lose some of the grad school weight and feel better in my skin. But working out was still just something I forced myself to do and not something I took any joy from. 

About two years ago, one of my friends who had moved away started posting these amazing photos of things she had learned in a pole fitness class on Facebook. I was fascinated. It looked difficult but also beautiful. I decided to start looking for a studio that did pole fitness and that is how I found Twisted Bodies. I started taking pole classes in January of last year and I was immediately hooked. I don't think I managed to do anything more than a basic fireman the first few classes but it was fun and after every class I had this delicious ache in my arms and legs. After a month of so, Khristen convinced me to try a Pilates Mat class and I loved that too. From there I tried Reformer and Yoga and Aerial and Barre and those classes were just as awesome. With every new spin or move mastered, I feel this fierce joy and pride in what I have accomplished and how far I have come. 

Being at Twisted Bodies has helped me fall in love with my body. I don't have to make myself work out anymore. I love coming to class and I love the new things I can do. I'm stronger and more flexible now than I have ever been in my life and it just keeps getting better. Although every instructor has a little different style, they are all very encouraging and supportive. Even when I'm having a bad day, I know that when I go into the studio, I am going to leave feeling awesome (also tired but that's part of the awesome). Being at Twisted Bodies is truly a pleasure and I can't say how grateful I am to have finally found the right place for me. 


Favorite indulgence- Dark Chocolate in any form.

Favorite movie- I'm super bad at picking favorites in anything, movies, songs, bands,colors, whatever. It really depends on what mood I'm in what my favorite things are. I'm currently into horror movies and trashy period dramas. 

Favorite Twisted Class- Pole Choreography is my favorite. I love getting to move with the music and learn new ways of putting things together. Kayla plans these amazing series of moves and then she always has a Plan B (or C) for every thing so if you need a modification its all ready to go. Its a really fun class and a great way to get in touch with your sexy dancer side. 

Hidden talent- My special talent is finding things. If you have misplaced something there is a pretty good chance I can find it. I come from a family of pack rats so being able to remember where you last saw that one book someone is looking for or the myriad of things my husband has lost; it is a good skill to have. 

What she does when life gets stressful? When I'm stressed I usually either take a walk or a clean. I generally have a lot of nervous energy in times of stress, so just doing something usually helps calm my mind.

Dream vacation- I'm all about the beach for vacations. Anywhere with an ocean that's warm enough to swim is perfect. Drinks with tiny umbrellas in them are also a must have on vacation.

Historical figure she most identifies with- Since I teach history, this is probably my favorite question. I wrote my master's thesis on 19th century women in the west and there were so many awesome women to be inspired by, but I did end up with one favorite. So the story goes, that a young Oklahoma cattle rancher's wife was out one day with her baby looking for cow patties (dried cow patties are great fire starters) and there was a rattle snake on the trail. She looked around for something to arm herself with, but all she could find was a buffalo skull. So she beat the rattle snake to death with a buffalo skull all the while holding her infant son. Then she drug the snake home and cut off the rattler tail for her son to use as a toy. She wrote that she regarded it as just doing her duty to her community because snakes were vermin. I am obviously not that crazy/awesome but I do think about her anytime I'm feeling discouraged. It helps put things into perspective.

If there were a soundtrack to her life- If you could mix 1920s jazz and 1980s hair metal cover songs from the Rocky Horror Picture Show that would be my life.

Beauty product she can’t live without- I'm a pretty no frills kind of girl, but I do love than EOS chap stick that comes in the little ball. It feels awesome and because it is egg shaped it's easy to find in your purse.

Twisted Client She is most inspired by, and why- I really like being in classes with Deborah. First off, she is crazy strong and flexible, so it's just fun to watch her. Plus she's always really positive and encouraging. Even if we are working on something very challenging, she's excited to try it and I feel like that enthusiasm rubs off on the rest of us. 

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