Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Twisted Trainer - Tami

Meet Your Twisted Trainer

Tami started working for Twisted Bodies in November 2016.  To kick off the new year, we thought we would start with the newest trainer to the team.  From the minute Tami stepped foot in the pink palace we were captivated by her beauty and inspired by her spirit.  She is one of the most humble and talented instructors we have ever met.  When we asked her about teaching for Twisted Bodies, we knew she came with vast experience and certifications, we just didn't know how deep that went. She was most nervous about people understanding her, and often told us her English was no good.  We of course told her that was crazy.  If you want to know more about her qualifications and certifications as a trainer, you can read her bio by clicking on her name in the private training schedule online.  We are extremely blessed and grateful that Tami walked into Twisted Bodies, and even more grateful that she has joined our team.  We took a moment to ask Tami a few questions so you all could get to know your trainer a little more and on a much more personal level than just anatomy, biomechanics and the physics of dance.

When did you first start teaching?  In the year 2004 I started to give classes by chance. They invited me to train and choreograph for a contest and with that I stood out and soon the teacher called me to help in the classes and so I became a teacher of Ballroom Dance first. 

Have you always been involved in dance and fitness?  I've always been involved with dancing since I was a kid, taking classes at the school club and I already enjoyed playing teacher to my sister.   

When and how did you decide you wanted to be a full time instructor?  When I started teaching Ballroom Dance I realized that every day I wanted to learn more to be able to teach more.  And so the classes were growing, opportunities showing and I always want more. 

What are your biggest goals as a teacher and student?  My goal as a teacher is to always be an inspiration to my students.  My biggest goal as a student is to make the most of my classes to improve my weaknesses.  Today I am focused on quality and not quantity.

What are your biggest challenges?  My biggest physical challenge today is to do anything related to a handstand.  And my personal and professional challenge is to give a good lesson in English. 

Favorite Indulgence:  My indulgence is to conserve my work with my passion, which is dance.   

Favorite Movie:  Dirty Dancing. 

Favorite Class to teach:  Samba 

Favorite Twisted Class to take:  Carissa's Aerial skills class.

Hidden Talent:  I speak three languages. Just kidding, just learning. (Portuguese, Spanish, English)   

What she does when life gets stressful:   When my life gets stressful I listen to music at full volume and I sing thinking I'm a good singer.

Dream Vacation:  My dream vacation is to live in the theater of a ship and do dance show every day. 

If there were a soundtrack to her life:  Try everything -Shakira    

Beauty product she can’t live without:  Curly hair cream.    

Twisted Person she is most inspired by and why:  Carissa! Great teacher, good technique, knows what she is talking about and why she speaks. I love her dance lessons and her body expression. 

What advice would you give to all the clients n the studio or a new client?  It is a privilege to have a school with this structure and with trained professionals. I can assure you that every classroom, every event is programmed with a lot of love and dedication. When you enter a school like this, you are entering someone's dream; So be careful and enjoy every second!   

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