Friday, February 17, 2017

Featured Client - Crystal Strickland

When Crystal first walked into the studio to ask a few questions, we immediately saw her as a little ray of sunshine.  She's short, spunky, and super sweet.  Then being military brats we noticed the OORAH insignia on her arm and knew this cute little lady was a first class BAD ASS!  If you haven't met Crystal, you are missing out and should probably look for her next time your in class.  She is quiet and gets down to the grind when she is in class.  But, make no mistake she is strong and very sweet.  Being a strong woman is hard in this world, being a strong woman who survived the U.S.M.C. is even more difficult.  WE LOVE all our veterans, but our female veterans hold an even more special place in our hearts.  So next time your in class, we don't suggest challenging Crystal to a push-up contest, but maybe give her your best salute (pilates style of course).

Marine, Mommy, and a badass little ray of sunshine!
Crystal Strickland

As a former United States Marine, I’ve always been active. I enjoy sweating, pushing myself, and learning new things I can do with my body. Now in my 40’s and with two little boys (almost 5 and almost 2), a bulging disc in my cervical spine, and a few extra pounds, I’ve come to the conclusion that my stale and unadventurous fitness routine needed a makeover. This epiphany and some soul/web searching brought me to Twisted Bodies. Before coming to Twisted Bodies in July of 2016, I held memberships at various mainstream gyms. I’ve never experienced anything like the instructors or classes at TB. The instructors are friendly, knowledgeable, professional, and helpful. They take great care to address any individual concerns, while focusing on the class as a whole. The atmosphere is comfortable, inclusive, and fun. I feel safe and at home when I come into class and what’s better; I always look forward to my workouts. I’ve learned so much about my personal practice, technique, modifications, and body through the wide array of classes offered AND the instructor’s guidance.
Favorite Indulgence:  My favorite indulgence is ‘me’ time. As a stay at home momma of two energetic boys, I can burn out easily if I don’t indulge in some time for myself. Whether it’s reading a book at a park, going shopping, coming to classes at Twisted Bodies, or just sitting in a spot of sunshine, my ‘me’ time is a must.

Favorite Movie:  This is such a hard question because I have a top 10 list. I would say, though, that my absolute all-time favorite movie is ‘Fried Green Tomatoes’. It’s got everything: humor, drama, mystery and love. Whenever I need a pick me up, feel good movie, I always turn to Idgy and her friends.

Favorite Twisted Class:  Although I adore all the classes, my favorite has got to be POUND. Due to scheduling, I understand why it isn’t offered daily. That doesn’t stop me from wishing it were offered three nights a week because I would be there, sticks in hand. My fitness practice is my main form of stress relief. POUND gives me a physical release that I don’t get with other classes – I’m able to POUND out any pent up emotions I may have stored up from the week. I just love the primal feeling that comes with a great session.

Hidden Talent:  Although it sounds boring and about as unsexy as it gets – cleaning and organizing. Not only am I good at it, but it’s cathartic for me and how I stay motivated and clear-minded. And the hubs is a bit of a hoarder, so it comes in handy to add some balance to our household.
What she does do when life gets stressful?  Breathe and workout. If I’m in a situation where I’m feeling stressed and cannot relieve it with something physical like working out, I will go somewhere alone (sometimes just my own garage) to do some deep breathing. It might not sound like much, but a few minutes of deep breathing can work miracles; mentally and physically.

Dream Vacation:  Hands down, Italy. Like an Italian countryside retreat that is somewhere close to the beach, because I fancy myself as somewhat of a mermaid. There’s not a lot that fresh air, a beautiful landscape, and a large body of saltwater cannot cure.

Historical figure she most identifies with:  Ooh. This is a tough one. I’ve always admired Frida Kahlo, the Mexican painter. She was ahead of her time; a strong woman in the midst of a male dominated culture and she made no apologies for that. I can get down with that type of person.
If there were a soundtrack to her life:  Frank Sinatra’s, “My way”. Life if just too precious and fleeting to live it any other way. You’ve gotta own it!   

Beauty product she can’t live without:  Since I’ve been a SAHM the past year and a half, I don’t take the time to do a full face, but I insist on mascara. I think they key to feeling pretty is to play up your best feature – whatever that may be.

Twisted Client she is most inspired by and why:  I don’t have a particular individual in mind for this one. I do however, get inspired when I come to class and see someone struggling with a pose, stretch, or physical feat. I see them struggling and it reminds me that we are all just trying to be better than we were yesterday. Even though our backgrounds and abilities are different, no one is exempt from challenges, but we all show up and we work through them together. And that inspires me.

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