Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Twisted Trainer - Deborah


Deborah started working for Twisted Bodies a little over a year ago. Many people already knew and fell in love with her delightful spirit as a client, and many have grown even fonder of her as a teacher. Let's all be honest everyone wonders if she poops glitter and skips through meadows with birds and deer. Not only is Deborah a beautiful soul, she is a caring and passionate teacher. As if those qualities aren't enough, she's strong, graceful and talented...oh and she has the cutest and wittiest wife. So, if you are like the rest of us who wonder if she ever has a bad day, we decided to ask our mystical unicorn Debbity Deb a few questions.

When did you first start teaching?

Growing up, gymnastics was my jam!  After I stopped competing, I coached gymnastics for a few years.  When I went to college, I put teaching aside for other pursuits, but two summers ago, the lyra hoop brought me back into the teaching fold.  When Carissa and Khristen told me that a certification course for lyra hoop would be held at the studio, I jumped on it!

Have you always been involved in dance and fitness?

At the age of four I flipped and jumped on and over everything in my house, so my parents decided that I should channel my energy into gymnastics.  I’ve been a fitness fanatic ever since!

When and how did you decide you wanted to be a full time instructor?

When I started teaching a few classes a week, I got hooked.  Since I was working in a school at the time, I had to wait for the end of the school year before instructing full time.

What are your biggest goals as a teacher and student?  

As a teacher I strive to inspire everyone to excitedly and safely do their very best, and as a student I aim to always learn with passion.

What are your biggest challenges?

As a perfectionist my biggest challenge is finding contentment in doing my best rather than feeling discouraged by my lack of perfection.

Favorite indulgence: Most of the year I revel in the consumption of champagne and cookie dough, but during the months of March and April nothing compares to the grandeur of a Cadbury Creme Egg.

Favorite movie: I do not watch movies often, but I’m down for watching Star Wars anytime! (Except for the three episodes released in the early 2000s (We need not speak of those))

Favorite Twisted class to teach: I cannot choose a favorite.  I love all of the classes for different reasons!

Favorite Twisted class to take:  The above answer perfectly applies here, as well.

Hidden Talent: At a rollerblading competition when I was quite young the daughter of Charles Schulz (the Peanuts artist) taught me how to cartwheel on rollerblades. Whenever I have access to rollerblades, the cartwheels never cease!

What she does when life gets stressful: I find time to either read a good book or watch some British television.  Then I’m ready to conquer the stress!

Dream Vacation:  My dream vacation would consist of numerous weeks travelling throughout England with my wife and unlimited monetary funds.  As a former tudor history major, my wife would be an invaluable fount of English knowledge and would cater to my fancy of visiting all of the sites related to my favorite BBC shows.

Historical figure she most identifies with: I don’t identify with any historical figures, but I strongly identify with the fictional character Hermione Granger.  Though I am a proud Hufflepuff, Hermione Granger’s zest for learning, zeal for books and abhorrence for rule breaking sum up my personality quite accurately.

If there were a soundtrack to her life:  The soundtrack to my life would consist entirely of Broadway showtunes and 90s hits.

Beauty product she can’t live without: Burt’s Bees chapstick keeps my lips happy and healthy!

Twisted person she is most inspired by and why:  Melissa Oliveira radiates a positive energy and enthusiasm that I find inspiring.  I’m always excited to have her in my classes!


  1. Deborah you are always my inspiration, I can't believe I inspire you! You are the sweetest person I know 😊