Thursday, March 9, 2017

Featured Client - Monte Jensen

Monte - The Mellow Man of March

For March we have decided to go with March Madness and feature some of the Men who are mad enough and brave enough to step into Twisted Bodies each day.  To kick of this series we decided to feature one of our most fascinating gentlemen.  Monte is one cool lumberjack.  As a U.S. Veteran, martial arts practioner, owner of Mellow Mushroom Denton (oh how we love the might meaty), father, husband and all around good guy, Monte brings a ton of joy to Twisted Bodies and Denton in general.  We first met Monte when he entered our studio to complete the Yoga Teacher Training course.  With much wisdom and thoughtful questions to offer, we of course wanted to learn more about Sir Monte.  Take some time to get to know him.  Maybe go eat a pizza and chat him up, he has some incredible life stories to share.  Or take a class from Monte, he is going to be making some guest appearances at Twisted Bodies soon, and his Yoga classes are super amazing and paired with his uber knowledge of martial arts, its an experience you won't forget.  So here's to all the crazt Twisted Men! 

After growing up on a farm & later, college, in Missouri, I spent a little time getting paid to jump out of aeroplanes, for Uncle Sam, around the world.  Currently, my family owns the Mellow Mushroom Pizza Bakers, here in Denton.  From a mind/body aspect -- throughout college, the military & beyond, functional fitness has been a staple of my weekly activity life. Despite that & compounded by a number of injuries - a broken foot, broken wrist, five broken ribs & a punctured lung, I'd begun to realize that my range of motion, due to activity, age & lack of practice, had become more & more narrow.  When the 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training came around last summer & partly due to the very generous offering of the class to veterans, I signed up, albeit somewhat reluctantly. It's hard to carve out two weeks of life, but often the sacrifices we make pay dividends well beyond the initial investments made.  Taking the class was a fantastic decision, both for the acquaintances I've met, as well as for my overall health & wellness.   

Favorite Movie:  The Wild Bunch. It's a Sam Peckinpah film, which means it is violent; very violent.  Despite the fact that almost all the main characters are thieves & murderers, they are bound together by a fierce code of honor.  I always say that without trust, there is no relationship.  Despite other significant moral flaws, the cats in The Wild Bunch understood this truth.  
Favorite Twisted Class:   This is a tough one, but I'll roll with Stretch & Flexibility, Wednesdays at 8a.  Last summer, after taking the Stretch & Flexibility class & later observing Friday's 10a Barre class, I affectionately labeled Deborah Campbell-Greene "The Peppy Sadist".  She's passionate about what she does & brings that enthusiasm & passion to the havoc she wreaks!
Hidden Talent:  I don't know about hidden, but I have studied EBMAS Wing Tsun Kung Fu & Filipino Eskrima for the past ten years.  It's a good fit with both the functional fitness & the yoga practice.
What he does when life gets stressful:  The best, different, yet synergistic outlets I've found are Yoga, Meditation & Wing Tsun Chi Sau (Chi Sau = Rolling Hands).
Dream Vacation:  Somewhere high in the forested mountains, or a surf destination.  Either works.
Historical figure he most identifies with:  Teddy Roosevelt didn't allow maladies, or obstacles to hold him back.  Despite asthma & other physical "limitations", he became NYC Police Commissionercowboy'd in the Dakotas, led an elite military unit at San Juan Hill & eventually became the (at the time) youngest President of the United States, at age 42. While President, he designated dozens of national forests, parks, and monuments & was responsible for building the Panama Canal.  He was never acquainted with "can't".
The one thing he can’t live without: Music.  While I love a good movie, the outdoors, a vacation destination, music can transport me somewhere other than where my physical body resides.  Bad as the outside world is, music can provide a good escape hatch.  It's meditation with a soundtrack.

Twisted Client or trainer he is most inspired by and why:  This is a tough one.  I so admire all the folks that come out to bend on a regular basis.  Based on my personal flexibility constraints, I'm particularly enamored of Deborah's Stretch & Flexibility, Wednesday, 8a class.That said, I have yet to experience a class that I didn't get something out of.  Whether it be Khristen's Vinyasa Flow Class (it has left me soaked), some of the Aerial Yoga we did in Yoga Teacher Certification, or some of the free classes I've attended at the mall, or the studio, there's always value to be gained & lessons to learn.

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