Friday, March 24, 2017

Twisted Trainer - Alissa


Alissa came to Twisted Bodies just over a year ago as a Yoga Teacher Training student. We immediately saw that Alissa had a wealth of experience and knowledge. From writing music to volunteering at various local hospitals and community events. Many clients frequently comment on how much they enjoy Alissa's calm demeanor in class and her ability to make everyone feel successful.

When did you first start teaching? Last year

Have you always been involved in dance and fitness? I started dancing in college, I went to school in Jamaica for a summer and took an african dance class there and was hooked ever since.

When and how did you decide you wanted to be a full time instructor? When I was working full time as a head hunter, I woke up one day and looked in the mirror. I was overweight, unhealthy and depressed. I launched a biggest loser contest in my office and lost 75 lbs! Our office lost over 1,000 lbs collectively! I found that motivating others to be healthy made me really happy, that's when I left my desk job for something more exciting!

What are your biggest goals as a teacher and student?  To find as many creative and fun ways to lose weight and stay fit and healthy as possible. People love variety and aerial offers so much! It helps that it infuses the creativity of dance too, that takes it to a whole new dimension that taps into people's creative side.

What are your biggest challenges? I'm not a size 2 and I don't think I ever will be. I'm a real person, I've been extremely overweight and I've had to work really hard to lose it and work even harder to keep it off and keep losing to my goal weight. I suppose I can say that it was intimidating at first when I approached being a fitness teacher because I have the same struggles as many of my students. I still struggle with my weight. But I think at the end of the day, that's what makes me relatable and approachable. I can honestly say I know how they feel.

Favorite indulgence: red wine and dark chocolate

Favorite movie: Beauty and the Beast

Favorite Twisted class to teach: aerial yoga and Twisted Kids aerial skills

Favorite Twisted class to take:  Aerial Skills because it's different every time

Hidden Talent: I'm also a singer

What she does when life gets stressful: swimming, rollerblading, dancing or aerial

Dream Vacation:  Disney World, it just never gets old to me

Historical figure she most identifies with: Joan of Arc, she's a visionary, advocate for what's right and fought for what she believed in

If there were a soundtrack to her life:  It would be a wild array of eclectic singers to include my favorites: Pink Martini, all the Disney classics, anything Thomas Newman or John Williams and of course, the songs I've written:)

Beauty product she can’t live without: Thieves oil and grapefruit oil

Twisted person she is most inspired by and why:  Carissa and Deborah. They both have what I call "Christmas Personalities". When I'm around them, their optimism and zeal for life is contagious, it makes my heart happy. They have the kind of cheer that you feel in the air during the holidays~ it's infectious and inspirational. I can count on one hand the number of people I've known in my lifetime that have "Christmas Personalities" and I feel extremely lucky to be able to work with two of them:)

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