Thursday, April 6, 2017

Twisted Trainer - Kristina aka Karatechop


Kristina came bouncing into Twisted Bodies a little over a year ago to discuss building a kids program with us. When we say bouncing, she was literally skipping in, long red braids flapping in the breeze Pippy Longstocking style. We immediately fell in love with her spunky kind hearted personality. We couldn't for the life of us pronounce her last name and therefore dubbed her Karatechop. Plus, with the other Kristina working out of Twisted Bodies, it helped lessen the confusion. Little did we know how absolutely perfect that nickname was for her. When it comes to teaching kids Karatechop has a natural flow and instinct to bring out the best in even the most timid or challenging child. Just come on a Wednesday at 5pm and listen from the lobby at the magic that unfolds. In addition, she also teaches a bomb ass adult yoga's one of Carissa's favorites to go zen out in!

When did you first start teaching?
I started teaching adults and children's classes in New York City about five years ago.

Have you always been involved in dance and fitness?
I took dance lessons throughout middle school but focused more on theater arts in high school which led me to enrolling in a musical theater academy where dance was a requirement. I discovered my passion for yoga in college and I've been practicing ever since.

When and how did you decide you wanted to be a full time instructor?
I took yoga as a credited class in college and during that experience, I started thinking that I'd like to do a teacher training to deepen my practice and someday teach. I started out teaching adults but after I received my children’s yoga certification and taught a few children’s classes, I knew that getting paid to use my imagination all day was the perfect job for me.

What are your biggest goals as a teacher and student?  
I want to keep growing as a student which will help me grow as a teacher all while keeping an open mind. With yoga it’s easy to get caught up in certain styles and techniques and I try to be open to all of it.

What are your biggest challenges?
I often struggle with living in the moment and being in the present. That’s what draws me to yoga.
Favorite Indulgence:
All the sweets!!!

Favorite Movie:

Favorite Twisted Class:
My favorite classes to take are Zumba and Aerial Arts. My favorite class to teach is Children’s Yoga.

Hidden Talent:
I’m pretty good at baking. I’m also good at going to bakeries.

What she does when life gets stressful?
I curl up on the couch with my sweets and cats and binge watch my stories.
Dream Vacation:
Paris is always a good idea.

Historical figure she most identifies with:
Most days I’d like to think I’m channeling a young Audrey Hepburn: peppy, stylish and incredibly talented.

If there were a soundtrack to her life:
Show tunes with some Willie and classic rock thrown in.

Beauty product she can't live without:
Sunscreen- I got the ginger hair (and skin).  

Twisted Client she is most inspired by and why:
I’m inspired by everyone who walks through the door. Exercising is a choice, and I see people of all sizes and ages making the choice to take care of themselves mentally and physically. Twisted bodies is a wonderful place where people can come and explore what they are capable of while having fun, getting a work out, and chillin’ with some cool ass chicks. Seeing other people thrive and find better parts of themselves through their fitness practice helps me to do the same.

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