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Featured Client - Alicia Anthony Claytor

We never know how our everyday lives effect those around us, and that is what makes our interactions with strangers and friends so much more important.  What may seem like a passing hello, could be the nicest words someone has heard all day.  A simple smile may be the uplifting reminder that life is good.  The way we choose to live our lives and interact with others can either be inspiring or the thread that unravels someones happiness.  When Alicia first joined the studio we knew there was something special about this young woman. More than just beautiful lines and graceful movement,  she sets a room at ease and shines a light that makes every one's heart smile.  She is humble in her talents and kind in her interactions.  Alicia never hesitates to gently encourage a fellow classmate, or cheer the new student on, or to just give a simple smile and with genuine sincerity ask how your day has been.  When you chat with her, she will tell you all about the people who inspire her, those she looks up to and admire, and the people in class that make her appreciate the art we create just a little more.  The best part about these casual conversations is she never realizes what an inspiration she is to everyone around her, she doesn't realize it, because it comes from the most natural and genuine place deep in her soul.  If you haven't had a chance to share coffee and conversation with this lady, or a spin on the pole, make time to meet her and we guarantee you will know exactly what we mean.

"Strive to pay your inspiration forward!"

Alicia Anthony Claytor

Hi! My name is Alicia and I am a 26 year old fitness lover and aerial artist! I became a member at the little pink studio, Twisted Bodies, almost a year ago and it has been an amazing journey. I have something to look forward to each and every day as my passion for physical fitness has become one of the most fulfilling aspects of my life. When I first started at Twisted Bodies my goal was to just start feeling better physically. Even after the first couple of classes my goals and dreams evolved into something way more than just wanting improve the way I felt. It is so great to share movement and achieve goals with friends. That is another amazing part about the studio, you will not be able to be a member here without becoming a part of the Twisted Bodies family. These women are the most amazing, caring, and intelligent and inspiring individuals I have the honor of learning from and training with. I can honestly say these are best days of my life. So, thank you Twisted Bodies for giving me a home and helping my heart grow that much bigger. I love you guys so much!

Favorite Movie: Growing up my Mom and I would rent French Kiss with Meg Ryan and Kevin Kline whenever we needed a good laugh. This romantic comedy is definitely an all-time favorite.

Favorite Twisted Class:  I love my spin pole class with Tammie. She is always coming up with new combinations that challenge and further my practice each time!

Hidden Talent:  I can wiggle my ears.

What do you do when life gets stressful: When life gets stressful I take a deep breath and move! Whether it’s moving in the studio or on to the next task at work, moving and breathing gets me through!

Dream Vacation:  Since Corey I just got married it would be nice to go on a vacation with him just the two of us. We still haven’t done that yet since we’ve been together! I’m thinking a nice cabin in Colorado would do.

Historical figure you most identify with: I don’t identify as William Shakespeare, however, as both an artist and performer I admire his work and the influence he had on the English language and the world of theatre.

The one thing you can’t live without: My friends and family!

Twisted Client or trainer you are most inspired by and why: Katie Bomalick is a great inspiration to me! She is so dedicated to practicing the craft and her hard work and progress shows each and every day. Plus holy flexible! One day I hope to be just as bendy as her!


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