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Should I try a pole class?

Should I try a pole class? YES! The answer is yes! I'm betting that you aren't really asking if you should, you're really just seeking affirmation. Because let's be honest, there's a bit of a stigma attached to this ever popular fitness class. What would people say if they knew you were dancing around a vertical piece of chrome plated steel in a pair of teeny tiny shorts? What would they say if they saw you lifting your own weight, climbing 13 feet, flipping and hanging upside down. What would they say about how radiant, strong and confident you are? Is what they might say more important than what you might feel? You see where I'm going with this? Pole dancing/fitness is what you make it. Just like finding the right yoga class/instructor you'll want to find a class that inspires you. Every instructor has their own unique style and way of teaching so try a few. Your first class will be clumsy, you'll feel awkward and you WILL be a hot mess. But,
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How do you find a great fitness instructor?

Whether it's for a group class or private training, finding a knowledgeable, quality instructor is a difficult task for most people. It's a little intimidating to put the care of your body into the hands of another individual. Especially one who will be challenging your physical shortcomings. Here are a few questions you should ask  yourself and your potential trainer... Are they a certified trainer? If so, where did they obtain their certification and how long have they been instructing? This is not to deter you from training with a newly certified instructor. There are many "freshly certified" instructors that have been training independently, have a degree in physical fitness/dance/kinesiology or were professional dancer/performers prior to entering the field. That being said, research their certification to be sure it is credible and requires practice/mentor hours. Do they have experience/work history? Have they put in the hours of continuing ed

Who are those smiling faces?

KATIE About me: I'm Katie and I'm 24. I've been a pole student at Twisted Bodies for about seven months and I work the front desk in the mornings and do whatever else might be needed around the studio! I love all styles of dance, baking, tattoos, the Denton Square, and most of all Twisted Bodies. You can usually find me drinking too much coffee at the front desk in the morning or and I always have extra dry hands if you need some in class! What was your first experience at Twisted Bodies? A level one pole class with Katie Deering. I originally came to Twisted Bodies with my heart set on becoming an Aerial Silks master, but I fell in love with pole and have stuck with it ever since! Have you always been involved in dance and fitness? I've always been involved in classical dance classes, but I really became interesting in the fitness aspect of it when I decided to become a Zumba instructor. When and how did you decide you wanted to work at

Featured Client - Alicia Anthony Claytor

We never know how our everyday lives effect those around us, and that is what makes our interactions with strangers and friends so much more important.  What may seem like a passing hello, could be the nicest words someone has heard all day.  A simple smile may be the uplifting reminder that life is good.  The way we choose to live our lives and interact with others can either be inspiring or the thread that unravels someones happiness.  When Alicia first joined the studio we knew there was something special about this young woman. More than just beautiful lines and graceful movement,  she sets a room at ease and shines a light that makes every one's heart smile.  She is humble in her talents and kind in her interactions.  Alicia never hesitates to gently encourage a fellow classmate, or cheer the new student on, or to just give a simple smile and with genuine sincerity ask how your day has been.  When you chat with her, she will tell you all about the people who inspire her, thos

Don't You Have A Life?

Don't You Have A Life? We get it, we're cool, the studio is fun, you want to be part of the crowd, you don't want to miss out on anything, the list of reasons goes on and on and on...... But, really DON'T YOU HAVE A LIFE? We like having you in the studio, we really do, just repeat these words to yourself "Training Bodies Intelligently".  It's our studio motto, yes, and it is so much more than words on a wall or website. That phrase is everything we stand for, it is what we have built our business from and what we hope to inspire and instill in each of you.  We get it, you open up your laptop or log into that pink app on your phone, and the excitement hits, your adrenaline shoots up, and that euphoric feeling begins and before you know it you have scheduled your entire life away for the next month.  Each hour, day after day, you find yourself cloaked in a pink haze listening to Hippie Sabotage and following the directions of your instruct