Saturday, January 21, 2017

Setting goals...and ACTUALLY achieving them!

You have a goal. Good news, step one has been accomplished. Now, how are you going to attain your goal? Is it realistic? Are you ready to commit? If you answered yes to all of these questions then read on and let's do this together!

Goal setting 101 

Have a realistic and attainable goal. 

Being realistic about your fitness level is most important. If your goal is to be able to do a handstand in the next 3 months then mind over matter simply isn't enough. Know your weaknesses and be ready to improve upon them.

Create a pathway.

Consider your goal to be the top rung of the ladder and you are currently standing on the bottom. You've got some steps to take - slowly and carefully so that you don't fall and injure yourself. Using handstand as an example - you've got to be able to balance your weight...upside down. Think about what has to happen in your body. Core strength, balance and stability, wrist and upper body strength, not to mention just basic anatomical and working knowledge. Talk to a trainer, research it online, gather your knowledge. Know that you should be able to do "these certain things" prior to attempting a handstand. You have to get stronger and smarter!

Make it routine.

Practice everyday! I know it sounds easy enough but trust me when I tell you that you will get discouraged. You will get frustrated and tired. You will make ridiculous excuses for yourself. Stop it! Practice. This is SO important. This is your working step and without the work you will still be standing at the bottom of the ladder at the end of your timeline. I tell my clients (and do this myself) to pick 5 songs they LOVE, songs that motivate and inspire them. For those 5 song you will focus only on your goal, you will practice and find success. That's 10-15 minutes out of your day. Do it every morning and every night. And in between do it at the gym or with a friend or just because you want to.

Write it down.

Put you plan on paper. Again, be realistic in mapping out your intended path. Your plan should include:

1. Your goal
2. Strengthening and conditioning exercises for the appropriate areas of your body
3. Skills to master
4. Your workout times
5. Your progress
6. Timeline - this is optional. I personally don't set timelines. I do set measures of success along my path

Track your progress.

Documenting your journey helps you to see the progress you're making, however small the steps. It allows you to celebrate your success. Keep it in a journal or create an Instagram account, share it on Facebook or Snapchat or whatever other social media outlet you enjoy and let others encourage your success too. Not only is it motivating but it will also help to hold you accountable. Have a friend or trainer check in with your progress every week. Look back at it often. You will notice if you are lacking in a specific area of your training and if you are struggling with one of your steps.

Don't give up!

Never give up, never surrender! You've got this. I believe in you, you believe in you and you are a righteous badass with a goal to accomplish. DO IT!!!

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