Friday, August 11, 2017

Don't You Have A Life?

Don't You Have A Life?

We get it, we're cool, the studio is fun, you want to be part of the crowd, you don't want to miss out on anything, the list of reasons goes on and on and on......

But, really DON'T YOU HAVE A LIFE?

We like having you in the studio, we really do, just repeat these words to yourself "Training Bodies Intelligently".  It's our studio motto, yes, and it is so much more than words on a wall or website. That phrase is everything we stand for, it is what we have built our business from and what we hope to inspire and instill in each of you.  We get it, you open up your laptop or log into that pink app on your phone, and the excitement hits, your adrenaline shoots up, and that euphoric feeling begins and before you know it you have scheduled your entire life away for the next month.  Each hour, day after day, you find yourself cloaked in a pink haze listening to Hippie Sabotage and following the directions of your instructor.  But, are you really scheduling yourself "Intelligently"?  Or are you trying to collect the number of classes you can complete in a day or month like scout badges?

The type of training we provide at Twisted Bodies is NOT a competition.  There is no reward for attending every class on the schedule in a single day.  So ask yourself are you scheduling your classes intelligently? Or are you OVER TRAINING?  

Over training the body can have adverse effects on your overall health.  Over training means you are not allowing your body time to recover.  Adverse effects are:

1. LACK OF DRIVE - when you over train, the body loses it's lack of drive, meaning the body no longer has a desire to perform or function as it should.  So when you are in class, your body is just going through the motions.

2.  OVERLY SORE - a soreness that lingers longer than normal and is a little more painful than normal.  If you find this happening, you are doing too much.  

3.  LOSS OF STRENGTH - you are in class and you start to notice your strength goes away in the middle of class, or you can't work at the same level you once did.

4.  LOSS OF FOCUS AND RESTLESSNESS - find yourself not being able to sleep, wondering if you have adult on-set ADD?  It could be that you are over training.  If you are not allowing your body to recover, and your body needs sleep to recover, you are over training.  When you over train the sympathetic nervous system goes into overdrive and this causes restlessness and an inability to focus.  

5.  SLUGGISH FEELING - that one cup of coffee in the morning isn't enough anymore.  When you over train your hormone levels decrease and your cortisol levels increase.  This imbalance in the body creates debilitating fatigue and often makes people feel like they have the flu or a cold.  Just because you can take 10 classes a week doesn't mean that you have to or that your workouts will be effective.

6.  CHRONIC JOINT PAIN - any prolonged joint pain and soreness indicates over training.  This may mean you need to cut back on the frequency, intensity or type of training you are doing.

7.  YOU GET SICK - are you finding that you have a cold more frequently?  It gets easy to ignore symptoms such as a slight cough or stuffy nose, we do live in Texas where our air quality is SHIT and the pollen is ridiculously high.  However, frequent headaches, stuffy noses, and other common cold symptoms are all signs that your immune system is weakened from over training.

8.  YOU KNOW OUR SCHEDULES - do you know what time we arrive at the studio, what coffee we drink, or when we go to the restroom?  Yep, you are training WAY TOO MUCH when you can act as a sub for our very own Katie!

So you are starting to rethink your training schedule and have no idea what to do when you go to register for class.  Well here is a sample class week no matter what level you train at.

Sunday - Yoga
Monday - Pound
Tuesday - Rest
Wednesday - Reformer
Thursday - Mat
Friday - Rest
Saturday - Pole

Notice there is only ONE CLASS PER DAY, because that is ALL YOU NEED, if you are "Training Your Body Intelligently and Effectively".  Also notice the days alternate between high and low intensity workouts.  Carissa and Khristen only train one hour per day themselves.  Why?  Because we can give our full attention and energy to our workout in that hour, getting the most out of it.  Also be mindful of the rest days, your body needs days to rehydrate and refocus.  Friday and Saturday are our family fun and no workout days, you need these as well friends.  We have to make sure we have enough energy to keep up with our kids, pets, and other extra curricular activities (wink, wink).  So go look at your schedule, do you have yourself scheduled for more than one class per day?  CHANGE IT!  Do you have rest days scheduled?  and.....


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