Monday, February 24, 2014

How we became the Twisted Twosome

A lot of people ask us how this Twisted little business came together and how we met, so here's our story...

Once upon a time there was a little boy and a little girl. They both had feisty mommies that wanted the very best for them everyday so they were enrolled for preschool at a prestigious Baptist church. Both children were rare in their breed with glistening golden locks and the bluest of eyes, they had an instant connection. They played together at every recess, sat together in class, drew each other pictures and even snuck into each others cots at nap time.

Their mommies didn't know of their special bond until one day they were each called into the directors office. There sat their beautiful babies with grins on their faces. Their infraction, kissing and snuggling at nap time. While their mommies thought it was funny, the church did not. Try as they might the children could not be separated. This led to the exchange of numbers and many play dates. Watching their children play together the moms formed a strong sisterly bond, each child considered one of their own. They also had many "play dates". One day, Carissa (the blonder of the two) asked if she could use Khristen as a body to practice her Pilates training on. Khristen obliged and their bond was strengthened.

Never ones to let a fitness routine bore them they decided to try out pole fitness and aerial arts. Both modalities were a perfect fit with their Pilates, yoga and dance training. They continued to train together, learning and challenging each other with new routines and knowledge. They were asked by friends and family to train them and slowly their client base grew and then they became Twisted. Twisted with the idea of spreading their love of fitness in Denton in a new and motivational way. And they did and it has been an awesome journey.

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