Monday, February 3, 2014

Stilettos, Sneakers, and Boots OH MY!

Here at Twisted Bodies, we LOVE shoes! KP has over a hundred pair in her closet, under her bed and  in her shelving unit.  Carissa has a knack for finding shoes that are as unique as her personality.  However, in the studio we HATE shoes and here are several reasons why!

We want you to be comfortable.  The more comfortable your are, the more open you will be to instruction and the faster you will see results.  Shoes, no matter how cute, inhibit comfort so just take them off at the door and enjoy your time with us.

An EPA study, reported in Environmental Science & Technology provided the first proof that pesticides can be tracked into residences on shoes. People and pets who walk on pesticide-treated lawns can pick up pesticides like the herbicide 2,4-D, for up to a week after application, the study showed. The study found that “track-in” exposures of pesticides may exceed those from the best-known source–pesticide residues on non-organic fresh fruits and vegetables. Another study showed that 98 percent of lead dust found in homes is tracked in from outside as well.

We lay on the floor, we roll around, we stretch and breath, how about if we DON'T do it in toxins! 

Think about it, what is on that sidewalk outside? Really what is out there? Do you want your face in it during chataranga? Out there we are prone to walking through dog feces, human body fluids, rotten food, GUM, and who knows what else!  Pretty sure Joseph Pilates did not write out and exercise that involved removing car oil from your face before going into a thoracic curl.

4.  DIRT
We work very hard to keep the studio tidy and clean.  Please do your part to help minimize dirt! Shoes track in all kinds of dirt, leaves, and other nonsense.  Remove them at the door and we can focus more on new choreography and less sweeping and mopping.

There are black cubbies at the front of each entrance, they were specially made and hand crafted in America by a veteran of foreign war (also happens to be Carissa's Daddy).  They were made with love for each person who walks through our doors.  It's our first step at showing we care when you enter.  So do us a favor and pass that love along, pay it foreword in one small act and remove your shoes when you enter, don't wear them on the studio floor, and help those cubbies they're lonely!

Forever Yours
The Twisted Bodies Staff

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