Tuesday, June 16, 2015

You Are NOT Too Legit To Quit

Last time we checked no one was rocking balloon pants or signing the last name Hammer to their receipts.  That being said there is NO ONE in the studio who is Too Legit To Quit!  You have to know your limits and when it is time to walk away and rest.  Here are the Top Ten Reasons Why:

  1. When you take too many classes back to back your body fatigues and puts you at risk for injury.
  2. You need to give your body time to recoup and rebuild, we wrote another blog on that you should probably read it.
  3. Hydration doesn't just mean drinking water, it also means helping the fascia work out kinks so the body can hydrate correctly.
  4. You start to smell.
  5. We know the Twisted Twosome are cool and all, but don't you have better things to do than hang out with us all day?
  6. IF you hang out all day….we will put you to work scrubbing toilets, we hate that stuff.
  7. You suck in class cause your tired, and that make us angry and you won't like us when we're angry.
  8. Your body needs time to absorb the good nutrients you put in without burning them off.  It's called feeding smart, it helps your brain and stuff.
  9. When you push your body too much you won't sleep well and/or you will get sick.  We don't want to share those germs.
  10. We would like to add some advanced level classes on and well we just can't do that if you always TIRED!

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